Show Specials: Here’s How Uplink Live Exhibitors Cater Specifically To Independent Brands

Show Specials: Here’s How Uplink Live Exhibitors Cater Specifically To Independent Brands

Below, read how these solution providers have changed their offerings to cater to the needs of independent brands, as well as some special deals you can only get by attending Uplink Live at Indie Beauty Expo NY.

Aptar Beauty + Home launched Indie Boutique in 2018 to provide Indie brand owners access to high-quality dispensing and full packaging solutions for their beauty and personal care packaging needs. Indie Boutique is a curated collection of our locally produced, top selling items in stock colors with low MOQ’s and short lead times.

Base Beauty Creative Agency will host giveaways throughout the two  days of Uplink Live, including a free brand audit, a spot on our agency’s podcast and WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™. These are all great opportunities for small brands!!

FloraTech fits the needs of brands of all sizes by offering smaller pack sizes and lower minimum order quantities.

Our new division, MANA Brand Accelerator, provides a seamless pathway for emerging beauty brands to allow them to partner with MANA from start up to success. With lower minimum order quantities, enhanced flexibility & accelerated speed to market — MANA Brand Accelerator puts emerging brands on the super highway to success.

Martin Kartin & Company is developing a consultant/project based side of the business to help keep overhead costs low for indie beauty brands but with the same vetting process we do with our full time candidates, ensuring the brands still get the best candidates for the roles they are looking to fill.

Noble Roots is designed to meet the needs of small and emerging brands by offering a wide variety of pack sizes so that companies can buy in the sizes that they need. Whether it is testing new formulations, creating small batch products, or mass producing your best seller, they have the capabilities to support your business.

The PFS eCommerce accelerator enables small to medium sized brands to provide service that mirrors that of today’s leading retailers. Leveraging 20+ years’ experience supporting SMB and Fortune 500 brands, PFS has designed a scalable, cost-effective eCommerce model that allows emerging and rapidly growing brands to benefit from quick implementations and ongoing solution flexibility. Come grow your brand with PFS!

Market by ROI is a highly curated collection of clean beauty and wellness brands across 16 categories, used by Buyers, Spa Directors, and other retail decision makers.  For any brand who would like to join Market by ROI and signs up while attending Uplink at IBE NY, they will offer a yearly membership with a savings of $150.