Establish Your Expertise By Presenting At Uplink Live

Establish Your Expertise By Presenting At Uplink Live

For emerging brands, especially those bootstrapping in early stages of growth, trust is everything when it comes to choosing solutions partners. For these brands, every dollar counts. And, as a solution provider seeking to work with them, it’s important to establish early on that you are knowledgeable in your area of expertise, and that you understand the independent community.

Below are three reasons to present at Uplink Live. If you’re interested in exhibiting and speaking—hurry! Speaking opportunities are available on a first-come, first served basis.

1. Establish Your Expertise

By giving an enlightening and structured presentation in your area of expertise, you not only give insights to brand founders in need of knowledge, you also establish yourself as an authority in the space, demonstrating the tremendous value that you could bring to a beauty brand as a solutions partner. Sunee Fleshman of Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, pictured here, exhibited at and presented at Uplink Live. Watch the video below to hear her talk about her experience!

2. Demonstrate Your Understanding Of Emerging Brands

Emerging brands often have different needs and challenges than their larger corporate counterparts. Giving a presentation that acknowledges those differences and offers solutions and advice to overcome them will show this valuable audience of potential leads that you understand them and want to help them achieve their specific business goals.

3. Open Up The Conversation

Sometimes starting the conversation is the hardest part of networking with potential leads. By exhibiting at Uplink Live and giving a presentation, you invite brand founders to approach you and ask you questions, confident that you will be able to understand their needs and provide the necessary advice.

Past courses have included:

  • Clean Beauty Product Development & How To Avoid Greenwashing
  • Social Strategy: How Small Brands Can Keep Up
  • Sourcing Real Ingredients
  • Fiber-Based Packaging Solutions: A First Step Towards Plastic-Free Oceans
  • Create A Brand-Inspired Buying Journey And Grow Your eCommerce Channel
  • Designing Omni-Channel Packaging (See Beauty Independent coverage of this panel here)
  • Culture Fit and the Recruiting Process

If you’re a solution provider who is interested in exhibiting at Uplink Live and possibly presenting, inquire to exhibit here!