5 Expert Tips From Uplink Live LA Exhibitors

5 Expert Tips From Uplink Live LA Exhibitors

The exhibitors in Uplink Live Los Angeles’ growing lineup are all experts in their areas of interest, and they are excited to share their knowledge with brand founders during Uplink Live at Indie Beauty Expo LA (January 29-30). See 5 of their tips below.

Relate to your consumer on social.

Instagram is the Google for today’s beauty consumer. Rather than posting salesy promotional pitches, think about how you can share useful and relatable information with your consumer. Creating a loyal and trustworthy community will prove the value of your offering.

Exhibitor: Base Beauty Creative Agency

Sustainability starts with your ingredients.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the 2020 beauty industry. Independent brands that endorse the global initiative for clean, natural, safe, and ethical products, with efficacious ingredients and supporting regulatory certifications, will catch the eye of consumers.

Exhibitor: Croda Inc./Sederma

Get quotes on multiple MOQs when ordering components.

When ordering components, always get 2-3 quotes based on several MOQ’s. Sometimes, ordering more units is cheaper. For example, if ordering 1000 bottles costs $0.84 each but ordering 2000 bottles lowers the unit cost to $0.42, then the total cost ($840) is the same, but in the second scenario you’re getting double the units, which saves you money in the long run.

Exhibitor: Ten Eyck Business Solutions

Understand your ingredients and use them to tell a story.

During your product development, don’t forget to take the time to deep dive into your ingredient choices. Sometimes ingredients have interesting performance characteristics, use novel technologies, are sourced from unique places, or have some other facets that can unexpectedly enrich the story you are telling with your product.

Exhibitor: Evonik Corporation

Be clear with your product manufacturer on regulations.

For more peace of mind for you and your customers, before starting the lab work, be sure to clarify on which specifications you want the lab to follow. For example: A no-no ingredients list, any organic claims, as well as legal regulations based on where you want to distribute your brand.

Exhibitor: Strand Cosmetics

Meet these solutions providers and many more at Uplink Live at Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles 2020. Grab your tickets today!