3 Considerations When Choosing a Product Manufacturer

3 Considerations When Choosing a Product Manufacturer

Hear some insights straight from brand founders (as seen in this Beauty Independent article) about the considerations for selecting a product manufacturer.

Formulation Ownership
“The lab I’m working with to help create my formula is also manufacturing my products. I knew I wanted to own my formula….You have to know your must-haves. Mine were owning my own formula and a low MOQ (minimum order quantity). ”
-Tina Rudolph, Founder, Strange Bird

Ingredient Standards
“We had an immediate connection and shared love for the magic of pure ingredients. Ultimately our first priority is quality and an insane attention to detail, and [our product manufacturer] is the same way. He fuels our creative energy and we are grateful to have him as a partner. It may sound cheesy, but your relationship with your manufacturer should feel a little like a love story. If it doesn’t, then be true to your brand and your product and move on, even if it does take years to find the right one.”
-Roxane Pekelharing, Co-Founder, Cleban

Minimum Order Quantities
“I needed to start with small batches. I quickly discovered the manufacturers I wanted to work with did not want to work with me. Finally, the 51st manufacturer I contacted liked my passion and thought I was on to something, so they gave it a shot. They have been true to their word and are invested in what I am trying to do. They help me problem solve with ingredients and packaging. This adventure would not be possible without them.”
-Heather D. Rogers, Founder + CEO, Doctor Rogers

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